So, you have decided to spoil yourself and take that trip to the land ‘Down Under’ to soak up the warm sun and tick off some of those crazy items from your bucket list. While we can put this trip down to a rewarding and well-earned holiday, we know that there is an underlying sense of excitement in having the chance to come over and experience your first visit to an Aussie casino. By now you have probably done some googling and are realising that this will be a first time casino experience like none other.

Australia is a much-loved tourist mecca with some sights that travelers from the world over come to experience; like Uluru in the heart of the outback, the Sydney Opera House, and the largest living organism on the planet – which is also viewable from space – the Great Barrier Reef.

Each of these impressive tourist hotspots sees millions of visitors every year. But these numbers pale in comparison to the leading tourist attraction in Australia. Did you know that Australia’s most popular and number one tourist attraction is the Crown Casino in Melbourne?

It isn’t even a close race between first place, daylight, and second place. On top of the Crown Casino in Melbourne, the Star Casino in Sydney, the Star Casino on the Gold Coast, and the Treasury Brisbane Casino are all boasting millions of visitors (and rising!). This places them neck and neck with the traditional tourist drawcards we spoke of earlier.

But why would so many people come to visit Aussie casinos? The answer is simple, but before we get to the best first time casino experience and first time casino tips when visiting Australia just remember this – it is time to visit Australia for casino gambling.

In Australia, we have some of the most player friendly gambling laws and our casinos are more than just gambling spots. They are entertainment resorts and offer the best of everything. Keep reading on as we share with you our top Australian first time casino tips and benefits that are putting Aussie casinos on the world map.

Age requirements

Its no secret that the legal age for casino gambling is different for casinos across the world. In the United States the legal age varies between states from 18 to 21. Many of the casinos across Europe allow gaming from 18 with some at 20 (in Greece the legal gaming age is 23). In Australia the legal gambling (and drinking) age is 18.

For comparison’s sake – the Planet 7 Oz online casino has a legal gambling age of 21, which is generally the norm across online casinos.

Unlike playing at home through online casinos, you will need to provide your photographic ID when visiting any Australian casino, or any entertainment venue for that matter. With many of the venues and casinos using eye scanners and ID scanners to log people on entry for patron traffic keeping and crime prevention purposes.

Even if you bring your Uncle Peter who looks 40 going 75 – no ID, no entry.

Join the loyalty program

Loyalty programs and rewards cards are part and parcel with just about every casino, venue, or retailer in 2019.

In the Australian casinos, these loyalty programs provide casino players with rewards for spending their money and checking into the casino. But the goodies don’t stop there; just for being a member of the loyalty programs you can receive access to a range of exclusive benefits and rewards across each casino connected as well as any partners.

These great-value loyalty programs are not simply for the high roller casino brands across Australia, you can bet your bottom dollar that every casino in Australia has a loyalty program. Even the RSL’s and small pubs of the smaller towns and regional centres that only offer the pokies have their own rewards clubs.

It is common for some of the popular restaurants across Australian cities to be on the list of partners for these larger casino resorts if they come under the umbrella of the ownership group. But the true beauty of these programs is that players’ loyalty points travel with them and can be used at any related venue or casino.

The Star Casino’s ‘Star Club’

A great example of the popular loyalty programs at Aussie casinos is the Star Casino promotion called “The Star Club.” This club has multi-tiered membership levels which give players 12 months to enjoy the benefits and accrue tier points to maintain the membership tier and to progress up tiers.

As players move through the tiers, they receive rewards along the way – there are even rewards placed just before you progress to the next tier to help break up the last push. Spending money at any of the Star Casino’s restaurants, hotels, spas, properties, nightclubs, and venues across Australia earns players Casino Dollars which can be used to redeem while playing, staying, or dining at any of the Star Casino locations.

This means that whether you are down in Sydney, up in Brisbane, or enjoying a retreat on the trendy Gold Coast – you will always be earning your rewards.


Some of the best parts of the sprawling casino resorts in Australia are their entertainment value. If you are looking for great value and plenty of things to do to keep you and your partner or mates entertained for a weekend, then heading to the casino is a great idea.

In other countries it might be weird to think that you would go to a casino for a cheeky weekend away or that the casino would be one of the best places, packed with the most fun for a great night out. Not in Australia.

Aussies are lucky to have sprawling casino resorts that are open early and go all night long. The choice of where to go for a night out is always solved by this final point: our top casinos are the place for young, old, and even solo goers. Revelers from all over head to our casinos for a great night out and it is easy to see why.

  • Everything you need – all kept in one place
  • The drinks and food are reasonably priced with some of the best food in town
  • Plenty of bars, night clubs and rooms to choose from offering a variety of different musical taste and filled with a variety of different people
  • Accommodation for all budgets, boutique, standard, deluxe, 5 star, villas, resort-style; and all within a walking distance from your night out
  • Function and convention centre
  • Spa, beauty and relaxation

The truth is, there is something for everyone.

Food and drinks

You probably weren’t expecting to read this but – casino food is excellent!

Ok well, technically it shouldn’t be considered casino food because the restaurants and cafes in Australia’s casinos are top quality.

Some of the top chefs and best rated restaurants in Australia have residency in our top casino resorts – we LOVE celebrity chef Luke Nguyen’s Asian-fusion dining hall Fat Noodle at the Treasury Casino in Brisbane!

With everything you would need in one complex, punters can go from the room to the tables and pokies, over to the restaurant for a breakfast, lunch, brunch, dinner, or desert, then head to a bar before going back to the tables or maybe even heading up to the higher stakes rooms.

Throughout our casino resorts there are bars and cafes situated always within a stone throw of punters. With gaming attendants also able to take drinks orders, you don’t have to leave your seat when things are getting heated and the winnings are pouring in.

You would be surprised at the pricing too; many of the meals and drinks available at our top casino resorts are very fairly-priced, and thanks to the abundance of patrons, you won’t get a drink with half a shot of your favourite spirit too.

Casinos resorts in Australia pride themselves on being a player haven, so they are always ensuring their service is top shelf, so that players feel comfortable in trusting the casino and order from the top shelf at the bar.

What are the popular casinos in Australia?

Whether you prefer the massive entertainment complexes like the Star and Crown or casinos with history, there are plenty of quality options to choose from. Even better, 90.1% of Australia’s 25 million population are focused in the capital city centres.

This means that for the most part many of the best Australian casinos are only a short couple-hour-flight apart. Our short list of the best Australian casinos has at least one casino in every state or territory for you to consider visiting:

First Time Casino Tips

It can be a daunting experience heading into a casino if you are embarking on your first time casino experience. There is always a lot going on and there are crowds, noises, lights, and smells. It is a sensory input nightmare.

It would be a much smoother experience to go in with big tradie earmuffs from Bunnings, but no one could pull them off with a hot outfit…

Take your time and walk around, get a feel for the casino and remember to smile. While you are walking around taking everything in, think about the below points that will help you get started with the gambling side of your first time casino experience.

Still struggling, follow our golden rule – when in doubt, follow your snout (nose) and take a seat at one of the restaurants while your blood pressure settles.

Head online and explore the casino website

Jump online and stalk the casino; modern websites are valuable for many reasons. Casino resorts are the best place to find out everything you need to know about Australia’s best casinos.

Whether it is finding out what’s on, checking the casino games on offer, or salivating over the restaurant menus. We guarantee the casino website is the place you will find it.

You can even find offers and promotions for accommodation, meals, and casino promotions.

For those who have difficulties dealing with large crowds, we suggest checking out the ‘what’s on’ page to see whether there are any sports events or pay-per-view events on during your visit. Aussies love sport, and love casino gambling (which is why sports betting in Australia is extremely popular), so the casino will be packed to the rafters during these events – this way you can work your visit around this and stay clear!

Exchange your cash for chips or coins

Depending on whether you are a table games player or fancy a cheeky hot press on the pokies. You will need ammo (casino chips or gold coins) either way. Cashier stations and rooms are well stationed throughout casinos, and usually there will be one placed at each section of the casino, on every level.

If you have a coat you don’t want to hold onto you may be able to check these in with the staff at the cashier rooms at some casinos.

Pokies take gold coins – which are the Aussie $1 (the larger thinner coin) and $2 (the smaller thicker coin) coins. Pokies will not take any other Australian coins, but this is easy to remember as all other coins for the Aussie currency are silver.

Most casinos will also let you exchange cash at table games with dealers so don’t stress if you are unable to find a cashier or don’t want to wait in line.

Conveniently, there are plenty of ATMs throughout casinos too.

The pokies

Pokies are the popular option for the casual and laidback easy-going punters, and you can’t miss ‘em. There will be thousands of them, everywhere. Having a quick game on the pokies at the start of the night is an unwritten code for a good night out for Aussies; however, if you do get stuck into the pokies – set yourself a limit and keep to it.

Pokies do not offer the best chances of winning for players, so most times you may get caught out on the wrong side of volatility. But you could also win a huge jackpot that pays for your night or holiday itself.

Be sure to check out our guide to playing the pokies and practice playing different pokies with our online free games of the favourites.

The table games

Table games offer some of the best experiences in casinos, and for players there are plenty of tables and rooms for different experience levels and bankrolls.

If you are a seasoned player, you can head on over to the high roller room or the experienced players area. For newcomers, most casinos have areas which are ‘friendly’ to players just starting out and offer cheaper buy in.

You will find all the usual suspects at Aussie casinos, including a variety of game versions for:

Don’t forget the house edge

Now, we have shared with you our insights around what to expect on your first visit to Australian casinos, and even explained some of the awesome benefits that come with experiencing the luxurious casino resorts Australia offers around the country. But there is still one thing that punters need to remember when looking at hauling in winnings.

Don’t forget about the house edge and which casino games give the best odds of winning. This is an important tip – which we covered in detail in our guide to casino games with the best odds  – which also provides some simple and effective tips to maximising winnings.

In a quick recap, remember that casinos don’t need luck to win. They have a pure mathematical advantage which is incorporated into each game they offer players. So, the odds are against you, but your friends at Planet 7 Oz have fixed you up with the information you need to reduce the house edge where possible.

House edge of casino games:

  • Video poker 0.5-3%
  • Blackjack 0.5-2%
  • Baccarat 0.8-1.3%
  • Craps >1.06%
  • American roulette 5.26%
  • European roulette 2.7%
  • Pokies 4-15%
  • Keno and Big six wheel 11-24%

Enjoy your time visiting ‘Down Under’ while experiencing Australia’s best casino resorts and entertainment. Before you hit the tables and pokies, practice your game with us at Planet 7 Oz. With over 200 games to choose from, you will have everything you need to hone your skills.


Oh yeah, don’t forget that just about everything in Australia is deadly. But the experience will have you coming back in no time.


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