Real money casinos are part of a value-driven industry, meaning they offer rewards and bonuses to players to encourage players to keep making bets. While you may already know how to make the most of bonuses, truly understanding how to make the most of comp points with online casinos is the key to boosting your passive income. And there are simple ways to maximise the number of points that you earn. What’s even better is you can generate more points without even knowing!

What Are Comp Points?

So, you know that comp points are a source of value for players – but what exactly are comp points?

Comp points are an incentive given to players for playing with online casinos. These points are offered to players for playing specific games, and in most instances, they are linked with VIP programs or VIP clubs.

When players have collected enough comp points, they can be used as a currency to cash in for rewards, bonuses, and even cold hard cash!

Basically, the more you play the more you earn. What you need to remember about comp points is that all real money online casinos have different methods to how they manage their comp points systems.

Are Comp Point Programs the Same?

Nope, they are all different and it pays to know what the rules and methods of earning comp points at your favourite online casino. Now, if for some reason you are not playing at a top Aussie casino, you can quickly sign up to Planet 7 Oz and learn all about our own unique incentives program for players. 

As we mentioned, each online casino has its own method of managing comp points. To keep it simple, check out our breakdown of what may be different between casinos:

Comp Points Rates

You will earn comp points at different rates. And this rate is usually linked to your VIP or loyalty program status with the casino. The higher your level, the more comp points you earn per bet.

Typically, players will receive 1 comp point per every $10 (or 10 units) that they bet through the casino. While this is the baseline for standard players, VIP players can earn 3 comp points per every $10 bet – this is just an example of what some casinos offer, but there are instances where VIP players earn higher than this. It depends entirely on the rules of the casino you play with.

Some casinos also offer more comp points for playing specific games, or exclude certain games. In most cases, Roulette can be excluded from earning comp points and certain pokies which might be pushed at a certain time can earn players more than the standard rate of points.

Comp Points Rewards

Not all casinos offer the same rewards to players for exchanging their comp points. But the most common rewards are:

  • Weekly cashback rates on losses
  • Free spins bonuses
  • Vouchers for deposit bonuses
  • Free chips (cash to your player account)

Casino Tournaments and Races

It’s worth mentioning that there are also similar programs to the casino-wide comp points that are becoming more and more common today. These are the tournaments or races, and are generally linked with playing online pokies.

Casino tournaments and races are limited competitions, which in most cases, will last either across a weekend, over a 12-hour period, or throughout an entire week sometimes too.

One key difference exists between comp points and the tournaments/races: tournaments and races are time-limited, they have bonus rewards that are earned and shared out amongst players at the end of the time limit.

For example, a race for the new T-Rex II pokie might last for 48-hours (over the weekend) and include a leaderboard. Players would earn points for playing this pokie and the top three players would earn significant rewards – like bonus cash and free spins. The next 25 players might earn a portion of free spins or share in a bundle of spins equally.

Beginners Guide to Earning Comp Points Easily

Although the main aspect of earning comp points is through grinding and some good ol’ elbow grease, there are quick and easy tips to earning comp points more conveniently and with better value.

  1. Play Casino Games That Offer Bonus Points

We touched on this earlier, but a simple way to boost your comp points earning potential is to focus on playing certain games that the casino may be pushing at the time.

It is common for the newest online casino games to be linked with promotions that provide increased comp points. For example, playing a hot new slot game like Storm Lords (which offers 3 comp points per $10 bet) offers a huge amount of value rather than playing your usual games. 

Taking this approach not only triples the number of comp points you earn, but will also triple the amount of cash you could exchange for, from the same amount of dollar value bets.

Plus, on top of this, you will find some great hidden gems which you would have likely not tried out beforehand.

  1. Consider Earning VIP Status

Ok, this one is not a fast fix, but it is certainly the most valuable way to earning comp points faster. Take advantage of any opportunity to boost your VIP status or to jump up a tier in the loyalty programs.

Earning a higher status with the casino will grant a flat boost to your account, resulting in significantly increased comp points per $10 bet.

This will also benefit your tournament and race play too!

  1. Make the Most of Casino Bonuses

Maximise the value of your bankroll with casino bonuses. Earning comp points requires that you sink some time into playing with the casino – it is a loyalty reward after all.

The best way to make the most of earning comp points is by making the most of the bonuses available at your online casino! Now, not all bonuses will be worth it – the promotions to keep an eye out for are the deposit bonuses with a high percentage for matching deposits.

While there is nothing wrong with 100% bonuses, be sure to cash in whenever you see the 200%, 300%, 350% deposit match offers.

Amelia Brown
After studying journalism for 3 years at University of Canberra, Amelia Brown went for a 2-year walkabout in Europe. After catching the travel bug, she decided to spend the rest of her life as a digital nomad, writing freelance articles from remote locations. She is a regular contributor to Planet 7 Oz and an enthusiastic online gamer.
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